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The queer demon book category is extremely small, but we're always looking for new entries..

These are the items that have been found, a general description, and the general rating by the fans. (note: the ratings shows not only how good the story is, but also how well the horror or creatures are portrayed, and openly queer it is.  A really good non-gay item might score very low).

Title Author Description Year Rating
Chilling Tales of Terror and the Supernatural
gay content lesbian content transgender content
Patty G. Henderson

A collection of GLBT horror 'flash fiction,' stories under 1000 words.

2008 A
lesbian content
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

A poem, which was to be the beginning of a medieval tale about a demon or witch.

1819 --
Clive Barker's Books of Blood, Volume One
gay content
Clive Barker

The first collection of horror stories in Clive's Books of Blood series.

1984 --
Couching at the Door
gay content heterosexual content
D. K. Broster

A collection of horror and supernatural stories.

1942 --
Daemon, The
gay content
Peter Tuesday Hughes

Aubrey's love for Kyle is tinged with an inexplicable fear of this intense young man, and Kyle must reciprocate that love by saving him. For they have called up the Devil - and he is here.

1972 D-
Dark Brotherhood
gay content
Jonathon D'Etange

Two men, drawn together in love only to be torn apart by the demonic forces of evil in this chilling tale of devil worship.

1977 B-
Dark Kingdoms
transgender content heterosexual content
Richard Lee Byers

Something truly evil is stirring. Something cunning and malign, that threatens the living and the dead alike.

1998 B+
Dark Master
gay content
P.H. Bennett

A vacation was exactly what Dark needed, and this small town that a group of Satanists told him about seemed like just the place. What they failed to tell him about was a nameless evil lurking just beneath the surface of this town.

1978 D-
Dawn Song
gay content lesbian content heterosexual content
Michael Marano

As the sun set, the Succubus woke, filling her eyes with the wonder and mystery of a changing sky. She stretched out over the cold gravel and snow and extended her mind out across the city to find suitable quarry.

1998 B-
Deals with the Devil
gay content heterosexual content
Mike Resnick, Martin H. Greenberg and Loren D. Estleman

A collection of 32 stories exploring mortals foolish enough to make a deal with the Devil himself.

1994 --
Demon's Coronation
gay content
William J. Lambert, III

Sequel to Demon's Stalk. Machinations continue as Anaroth recruits beautiful people for his New Hell and attempts tying up the loose ends still remaining.

1971 --
Demon's Stalk
gay content bisexual content
William J. Lambert, III

There is an uprising in hell and a body is needed for the new anti-Christ, or so discovers a group of psychics.

1970 C+
gay content heterosexual content
Stephen King

A demonic presence is loose in Desperation, Nevada. It travels from body to body taking the unlucky person over when it does.

1996 --
Devil at China Cove
gay content
Jon Dark

When his father died, Matt inherited close to three hundred million dollars. But one part of his inheritance was a complete mystery - China Cove, a secluded mansion on the Northern California coast. When Matt and his buddy, Randy, visit China Cove, they find a palatial whorehouse - and they find Matt's father's private and very sexy devil.

1973 D+
Devil's Phallus
gay content
Scott McBride

It hurt when his lover left, but Jordon's life seemed to improve when a beautiful man sat down beside him and introduced himself as a gift for Jordan. Of course, all gifts have a price, and this one was big!

1978 C-
Dog Collar Boys
gay content
Lambert Wilhelm

A handsome man sits alone on a bar stool, his neck encircled by a dog collar. He seems normal enough, but what secrets does he hide? Few would guess that he is a reaper of souls for the New Hell.

1972 --
Dyke and the Dybbuk, The
lesbian content
Ellen Galford

The dybbuk Kokos missed her assignment and was trapped in a tree for 200 years. Now free in twentieth-century London, she tracks the descendant of her original assignee, one Rainbow Rosenbloom, a lesbian.

1998 B
Gay Exorcist
gay content transgender content
Michael Scott

After a tryst with a Satanist, a man becomes possessed by an Incubus. Only his lover and a defrocked priest can save him now.

1976 B-
Holy Family
gay content
John L. Myers

After his previous night's trick is killed, David must help find his killer to clear his name. But as the trail intersects with gay cops, closeted in-laws and an evil spectre, it could be more than he can handle.

1992 --
Jade Unicorn, The
gay content lesbian content
Jay Halpern

A powerful group of Manhattan Satanists supernaturally unleash a monstrous demon.

1979 --
Piercing, The
gay content heterosexual content
John Coyne

Betty Sue is a nationwide sensation. What happens to her unwilling body once a week, every week, is haunting, horrifying ... and fascinating to millions.

The TV says it's a miracle. The Church says it's a fake. Both are wrong. Only a priest tormented by lust, who is willing to trade body for soul, can penetrate the unholy secret of The Piercing.

1980 --
Queer Fear
gay content
Michael Rowe

An anthology of horror stories where all of the protagonists are clearly gay.

2000 --
Satan's Stud
gay content bisexual content
Len Harrington

No one knew where he came from, this gorgeous, young stud hustler. He himself couldn't even remember. But with each new conquest, his wealth and position increased; as long as he obeyed the soft, sibilant, snake-like voice in the back of his brain, and the serpent which clung to his loins.

1972 --
Satan's Victor
gay content
Jon Dark

A cross country drive takes a turn towards the diabolical when two young lovers take a detour through a country glade and are captured in an impenetrable chalk circle.

1972 D-
Sentinel, The
gay content lesbian content heterosexual content
Jeffrey Konvitz

A woman returns to New York to find herself trapped in an age-old battle between
the Catholic Church and Satan's loathsome evil. After renting an apartment,
strange and terrifying things begin happening to her, and she discovers that her
apartment building is actually the gateway between Earth and Hell.

1974 C
Somewhere in the Night: Eight Gay Tales of the Supernatural
gay content
Jeffrey McMahan

All of the protagonists of the eight horror tales here are gay, allowing the author both a new twist on chiller standbys, such as vampirism and spirit possession, and an intriguing perspective on the complexities of gay life.

1989 B+
Stand, The
gay content bisexual content heterosexual content
Stephen King

A rapidly mutating flu virus is accidentally released from a U.S. military facility and wipes out 99 and 44/100 percent of the world's population, thus setting the stage for an apocalyptic confrontation between Good and Evil.

1978 --
Such Pain
gay content bisexual content
Don Bassingthwaite

Yesterday Aaron Barry was an international playboy. Today, with his father's death, he assumes control of a giant financial empire.

Step One - fire all his father's advisers. Men he hated anyway.

Step Two - establish relations with the press. Particularly the sexy young reporter from KKBA.

Step Three - go home. Literally. To the mansion he has been terrified to enter for more than a decade. Where something waits for him in a dark hallway. Something small, dark, fetid; a childhood friend summoned from the darkness that never went away.

And begin Step Four...

1995 B
Too Beautiful
gay content
Lambert Wilhelm

The incredible beauty and mystery of Christopher Michaels entices a young demonologists to delve into the mysterious unknown. But as Christopher's beauty was enough to turn the very head of Satan himself, chances are that they are in over their head.

1972 --
Valley of the Damned
gay content
William J. Lambert, III

Contemporary werewolves condemned to rape and kill because of a bargain struck in ancient times.

1971 --
Wired Hard 3
gay content heterosexual content
Cecilia Tan

Twelve stories exploring masculinity and the desire of men for other men through the lens of otherworldly settings and characters.

2002 --


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