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Dog Collar Boys

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  • Dog Collar Boys
  • Author: Lambert Wilhelm
  • Publisher: Parisian Press
  • Year: 1972
  • Country: US
  • 147 pages

flaying, mutilation, disembowelment, castration, consentual incest

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Could anyone guess the truth about the young man? And if they could guess (after all, the most fantastic of the rumors are true), could they really believe? Maybe so, because a few intuitively avoid the young and attractive young man on the barstool, his muscular physique well-evident beneath his tight-fitting black T-shirt and his snug sandpaper-crotch jeans, his neck encircled by a dog collar that invites someone brave enough, attractive enough, to come on up and attach a chain.

Some, though, attracted to dangerous seductions, like a moth to the flames, can't resist the temptation. Biting off more than they can chew?! Because if they expect the great sex, the drugs, the reported bad 'trips', the seemingly near-death experiences from hallucinogens, there's more afoot, here, than just a kinky S&M tour master in heat. Souls are being harvested for the New Hell, and Kgell is Anaroth's master reaper.

Qvamp says:

This is a strange book involving a handsome and unapproachable man in a gay bar (well, in a gay bar in the 1970s) who would suddenly become easy on the nights that he wore a dog collar. Guys that went home with him had strange stories to tell of torture and mutilation, yet they'd wake up the next day without a scratch.

The story is unclear whether what they remember is actually part of some Satanic rituals involving the lower god Anaroth, or whether they are drug induced hallucinations.

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User Ratings

By: Hosea Grimm ( crooked-spoons@hotmail.com )
Overall Rating: A     Queer demon Rating: B-    

I honestly found this to be an amazing read. I have always had a fascination with demons so maybe I am a little biased. Either way, if you are interested in the demonology or simply the copious amounts of sex and violence. Then this is a great book for you.

Though after much thought I decided to give this book a low B for a queer rating. Why? For a simple reason-Because of the amounts of sexual violence, this may be a turn off for someone who is new to Queer horror.



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