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Jade Unicorn, The

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  • Jade Unicorn, The
  • Author: Jay Halpern
  • Publisher: MacMillan Pub. Co.
  • Year: 1979
  • Country: US
  • 479 pages
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Qvamp says:

In this intriguing horror novel, a powerful group of Manhattan Satanists supernaturally unleash a monstrous demon. Typically, a homosexual is one of the victims. Kermitt is an African-American gay man, cruising in the Village, when he meets a delectable teenage runaway. But the young fifteen-year-old turns out to be more than the predatory older man had bargained for, and Kermitt becomes a gruesome victim of the bloodthirsty Satanists. In contrast, two of the novel's main characters are lesbian lovers; their love remains constant from the novel's first murders through its dramatic finale at a Black Mass.

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