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The queer demon book category is extremely small, but we're always looking for new entries..

These are the items that have been found, a general description, and the general rating by the fans. (note: the ratings shows not only how good the story is, but also how well the horror or creatures are portrayed, and openly queer it is.  A really good non-gay item might score very low).

This page focuses on all straight demon items.

For a page that shows all orientations, please go here

Title Author Description Year Rating
Couching at the Door
gay content heterosexual content
D. K. Broster

A collection of horror and supernatural stories.

1942 --
Dark Kingdoms
transgender content heterosexual content
Richard Lee Byers

Something truly evil is stirring. Something cunning and malign, that threatens the living and the dead alike.

1998 B+
Dawn Song
gay content lesbian content heterosexual content
Michael Marano

As the sun set, the Succubus woke, filling her eyes with the wonder and mystery of a changing sky. She stretched out over the cold gravel and snow and extended her mind out across the city to find suitable quarry.

1998 B-
Deals with the Devil
gay content heterosexual content
Mike Resnick, Martin H. Greenberg and Loren D. Estleman

A collection of 32 stories exploring mortals foolish enough to make a deal with the Devil himself.

1994 --
gay content heterosexual content
Stephen King

A demonic presence is loose in Desperation, Nevada. It travels from body to body taking the unlucky person over when it does.

1996 --
Piercing, The
gay content heterosexual content
John Coyne

Betty Sue is a nationwide sensation. What happens to her unwilling body once a week, every week, is haunting, horrifying ... and fascinating to millions.

The TV says it's a miracle. The Church says it's a fake. Both are wrong. Only a priest tormented by lust, who is willing to trade body for soul, can penetrate the unholy secret of The Piercing.

1980 --
Sentinel, The
gay content lesbian content heterosexual content
Jeffrey Konvitz

A woman returns to New York to find herself trapped in an age-old battle between
the Catholic Church and Satan's loathsome evil. After renting an apartment,
strange and terrifying things begin happening to her, and she discovers that her
apartment building is actually the gateway between Earth and Hell.

1974 C
Stand, The
gay content bisexual content heterosexual content
Stephen King

A rapidly mutating flu virus is accidentally released from a U.S. military facility and wipes out 99 and 44/100 percent of the world's population, thus setting the stage for an apocalyptic confrontation between Good and Evil.

1978 --
Wired Hard 3
gay content heterosexual content
Cecilia Tan

Twelve stories exploring masculinity and the desire of men for other men through the lens of otherworldly settings and characters.

2002 --


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