Miscellaneous Queer Monsters

Miscellaneous Queer Monster Movies by Year


Some GLBT monsters are so rarely seen that they don't quite warrant a page of their very own. But they're still fascinating to us so here are the movies devoted to these creatures.

These are the items that have been found, a general description, and the general rating by the fans. (note: the ratings shows not only how good the story is, but also how well the horror or creatures are portrayed, and openly queer it is.  A really good non-gay item might score very low).

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Title Director Description Year Rating
Deadly Blessing
transgender content heterosexual content
Wes Craven

A confused but visually arresting thriller set in Pennsylvania Dutch country. Two free-thinking city girls visit their pal, a young widow, whose ultra- religious in-laws want her to sell her farm.

1981 --



Title Director Description Year Rating
In the Closet
gay content
Jody Wheeler

A shy awkward young man has his first sexual experience with a more
experienced trick. But one of them has a dark secret.

2008 --
gay content
Dan Gildark

A history professor returns to his estranged family to execute his late mother's estate. While there he discovers both his family's, and the town's, sinister past and relation to an Old God -- which could lead to apocalypse.

2007 --
Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror, The
gay content lesbian content transgender content
Jaymes Thompson

A horror-comedy about a mother/daughter death-dealing duo that systematically preys on their queer B&B guests

2007 --
My Name is Bruce
gay content heterosexual content
Bruce Campbell

B Movie Legend Bruce Campbell is mistaken for his character Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy and forced to fight a real monster, the Chinese war deity Guan Di, in a small town in Oregon.

2007 --
Gay By Dawn
gay content
Jonathan London

In the deep, dark woods, four rednecks tell ghost stories around an open fire.

2004 A
Seed of Chucky
transgender content heterosexual content
Don Mancini

A new living doll enters the scene. Neither male nor female, the seed of Chucky
and Tiffany learns what it is to be raised by psychopaths, and tries to figure out
who to become.

2004 B-
Bloody Mallory
transgender content heterosexual content
Julien Magnat

Bloody Mallory and her eclectic crew of misfits must save a conservative homophobic Pope from a dystopic future from the forces of darkness.

2002 --
House of Morecock, The
gay content
Joe Phillips

We follow a man on his search to uncover some of the most bizarre mysteries from around the world. From his home base at Morecock Manor, Jonas shares his misadventures with us each episode. The funny thing is his deductive skills for finding the legendary Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster is only surpassed by his ability to run into really hot guys.

2001 --
Rumpenstein's Monster
gay content
Peter Wartmark

5 computer animated gay porn vignettes involving sex with Frankenstein's monsters, living statues, demons and the Creature from the Fountain.

2001 D
Djinn, The
gay content
Casey and Peter O'Brian

An evil djinn waits inside an antique bottle ... so that he can exact a terrible revenge!

2000 --
Lust Boys, The
gay content
Jeff Lawrence

This near mythical character must submerge himself in an orgy of sex-driven youths in order to survive.

1999 --
gay content heterosexual content
Ted Nicolaou

When teenage Kwame's grandmother is attacked by thugs, he uses her conjuring powers to avenge her. But what he unleashes may be even worse.

1999 D-
Attack of the 50 foot Tranny
transgender content
Karen Dior

A woman is plagued by a cheating husband and a scheming 'Best Friend'. Upon leaving a party, she is startled by a bright light in the northern sky. Out of nowhere she is spirited to a spaceship where she undergoes a sexual transformation of mythic proportion. Only to exact a nasty revenge on the husband and friend who betrayed her.

1998 --
Bride of Chucky
gay content heterosexual content
Ronny Yu

Chucky hooks up with another murderous doll, the bridal gown-clad Tiffany, for a highway murder spree with their unwitting hosts, two eloping high-school graduates.

1998 A
Dr. Jerkoff & Mr. Hard
gay content
Wash West

Poor Dr. Jerkoff. He's alone, he's a dork. Until he drinks a potion given to him by a fortune teller, which turns him into studly, desirable Mr. Hard!

1997 --
Killer Condom
gay content heterosexual content
Martin Walz

This movie follows a gay detective's search for the culprit behind a series of grisly deaths. He discovers that the killers are vicious penis-eating creatures masquerading as innocuous prophylactics.

1996 D-
Ultimate Reality
gay content
Ross Cannon

An unusual gay porn video about a new cybersex CD-ROM in a video store that
creates your wildest fantasies and pulls you in to it. The trouble is that while
you may get your fantasies, it will be based upon the old classic horror movies.

1996 --
Attack of the Amazing Colossal Latino
gay content
Brian Brennan

An angry Latin immigrant is given super-size by aliens and vows revenge on the man who wronged him.

1995 --
Ed Wood
transgender content heterosexual content
Tim Burton

Offbeat biopic about infamous B-movie director who had a taste for women's clothing.

1994 B+
Monster in the Closet
gay content heterosexual content
Bob Dahlin

San Francisco is the scene of a series of bizarre murders... all the murders have taken place in the victim's closets.

1986 B
gay content heterosexual content
Andrzej Zulawski

A man follows his wife to find out why she left, but learns more than he expected.

1981 --
Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde
transgender content heterosexual content
Roy Ward Baker

A sensual twist on Robert Louis Stevenson's terror classic. In foggy Victorian London, Dr. Jekyll experiments with an elixir of life which transforms him into the beautiful, but murderous, Sister Hyde. His lethal, sultry twin must stalk Whitechapel for victims to continue his blood-stained research.

1971 --



Title Director Description Year Rating
Brides of Sodom
gay content lesbian content bisexual content heterosexual content
Creep Creepersin

A classic vampire story set in a post apocalyptic world where vampires are named for Greek gods, and witches rule.

2013 D-
Sacrifice, The
gay content
James Fessenden

A boy moves to the small New Hampshire town and is immediately drawn to another who shares his interest in the occult. But when the boys try to satisfy their curiosity about a local ghost story, they discover that somebody is digging up graves in the oldest part of the cemetery, collecting human remains for a dark ritual.

2005 --
Brotherhood II, The : Young Warlocks
gay content
David DeCoteau

This movie picks up where The Brotherhood left off. At the Chandler Academy a sinister warlock seduces three teen outcasts into his web of lust and depravity with the promise of popularity and admiration. Once his entourage of young warlocks is complete, he will obtain the most vengeful powers of Satan and raise hell on earth. At Chandler Academy ... cliques kill!

2001 --
Vierde man, De
gay content bisexual content heterosexual content
Paul Verhoeven

An alcoholic writer begins having visions warning him of impending danger. After he delivers a lecture, he begins an affair with a woman from the audience, using her to get the man of his dreams.

1983 --



Title Director Description Year Rating
Cupcake: A Zombie Lesbian Musical
lesbian content
Rebecca Thomson

A melodic massacre featuring a young love struck lesbian couple, two bigoted old ladies, a postman delivering death and a chorus line of fabulous feathered flesh eating zombies.

2010 --
Zombies of Mass Destruction
gay content heterosexual content
Kevin Hamedani

Life is wonderful for the people in the quiet, island town of Port Gamble....until a zombie virus outbreak!

2009 --
Otto; or, Up with Dead People
gay content lesbian content
Bruce La Bruce

A young, gay zombie rises from his grave with no idea who he is. His travels bring him to a pretentious filmmaker working on a political-gay-zombie-porno film.

2008 D-
Gay Zombie
gay content
Michael Simon

A sexually confused zombie goes on an adventure through West Hollywood where he meets and makes friends with a special someone.

2007 B
Creatures of the Pink Lagoon
gay content
Chris Diani

An assorted cast of gay characters find themselves trapped in a beach house by flesh-eating zombies.

2006 --
When Darkness Falls
gay content
Jeff London

A prankster gets a deadly taste of his own medicine after inviting a potential
boyfriend up to his cabin for a weekend.

2006 --
gay content
J.T. Seaton

A night visitor becomes a nightmare as the man's past comes back to haunt him.

2004 --
gay content
Alex Dove

Five years ago when Christian sold his soul to the dark powers of Samuel he was promised a life free of guilt and no recollection of his sins.

2004 --
Twilight Come the Flesheaters, At
gay content transgender content
Vidkid Timo

Timo and his pals as they gather one evening to watch a black and white zombie porn flick. It's difficult to tell who the real monsters are: the backstabbing 'friends' in the color sequences or the flesh-hungry, sex-crazed zombies in the black-and-white sequences. Watch as his friends reveal their own monstrous sides!

1998 --
Night of the Living Bi-Dolls
gay content bisexual content
Josh Eliot

Are you prepared for the absolute terror of Bi-Dolls? Well, they're back and this time they mean business! This is the final hilarious chapter in the Bi-Doll saga. You can't hide from the hilarious terror of The Night of the Living Bi-Dolls!

1997 B+
Chopper Chicks in Zombietown
lesbian content heterosexual content
Dan Hoskins

Bad-ass biker babes battle flesh eating zombies in this low-budget goodie from Troma Studios.

1989 --
Redneck Zombies
gay content transgender content heterosexual content
Pericles Lewnes

A barrel of radioactive waste is lost out in the woods. Some demented rednecks find it and use it as part of their still. Everybody who drinks from the liquor they produced turns into a zombie.

1989 D
Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things
gay content heterosexual content
Bob Clark

Actors led by their foppish director go to graveyard on remote island to act out a necromantic ritual. Much to their dismay, the ritual works, and soon the dead are walking about and dining upon human flesh.

1972 B



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Title Director Description Year Rating
Midnight, Texas
gay content
David Solomon

In a town filled with the exceptional, the dead and damned try to force their way through.

2017 B
Lair, The
gay content
Frank Olen Ray

In a small island town, the bodies of young nameless men are turning up dead with grisly wounds to their necks. A young journalist named Thom is investigating the mysterious John Doe Murders. Clues lead Thom to a private gentleman's club called The Lair, where the darkest desires are fulfilled.

2007 --
gay content lesbian content bisexual content heterosexual content

The Torchwood Institute is a secret British government agency that researches and reverse engineers alien technologies.

2006 --
Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktakular
gay content
Ezekiel Norton

A young girl who is afraid of monsters meets a colorful cast of characters in a haunted house.

2003 --
gay content
Vince Gilligan

Mulder and Scully are followed documentary-style by a Cops camera crew as they investigate a monster that appears only during full-moons on the streets of Los Angeles.

1993 B+



Title Director Description Year Rating
Midnight, Texas
gay content
David Solomon

In a town filled with the exceptional, the dead and damned try to force their way through.

2017 B
Dante's Cove
gay content lesbian content heterosexual content
Sam Irvin

The sexy, young residence of a peaceful beach-side town are plunged into a
world of intrigue, secrets and shifting romantic ties when their town's
sinister, supernatural past comes alive.

2005 --
lesbian content heterosexual content
Mel Damski

Three witch sisters fight to vanquish evil and save innocents.

2004 --
Buffy - the Vampire Slayer (the Series)
gay content lesbian content bisexual content transgender content heterosexual content
Joss Whedon

In every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. She is...the SLAYER.

1997 A



Title Director Description Year Rating
Walking Dead, The
gay content lesbian content heterosexual content

A sheriff awakens from a coma to find himself in the zombie apocalypse. Can he survive this new world?

2010 B+


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