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The following is a collection of queer vampire stories that I have either been given directly by people, or have been given permission to use by the authors from the web. The author's names are listed if they gave permission to do so. For ease in finding stories that may interest you, and to avoid having to read things that may be considered 'offensive', I've included a brief summary of what each story contains. To submit your own, please see the submission guidelines.

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There are several stories that could be considered classics in the queer vampire genre, which happen to be just about evenly split gay and one is lesbian. Additional stories can be found in the general horror section.

Christabel by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, written in 1798 lesbian contentTechnically a poem. This is one of the earliest examples of lesbian vampires, and was the bases for Carmilla, which in turn forms the basis of many current vampire stories.
Carmilla by J. Sheridan LeFanu written in 1872 lesbian contentJoseph Sheridan LeFanu (1814-1873) born in Dublin. He wrote thirty supernatural stories including In a Glass Darkly (London 1872) in which Carmilla first appeared. Special thanks to Pam Keesey for providing this information.
Manor by Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, from his collection Sailor Stories (Matrosengeschichten) written in 1884 gay contentKarl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895) was the first modern gay activist. He was the first to publicly decry that homosexuals were normal, not evil. Manor is the first gay male vampire story on record, taken from an ancient Norse Legend. Special thanks to Michael A. Lombardi-Nash for providing a translation.
The True Story of the Vampire by Count Stanislaus Eric Stenbock written in 1894. gay contentOriginally “Wie uns ein Vampir besuchte”, this short story was first published in "Studies of Death: Romantic Tales." London: David Nutt, 1984 by Count Stanislaus Eric Stenbock (1860-1895). Special thanks to Bob Schaffer and John Dumas for finding this story.
The House of the Vampire by George Sylvester Viereck written in 1907. gay contentGeorge Sylvester Viereck (1884-1962) wrote this tale of homoerotic psychic vampirism in 1907, helping to usher in a type of vampire that doesn't feed on blood.
Additional classic horror stories


General Queer Vampire 

Night Clerk by don d bagley gay content short gay vampire vengeance story
Christopher's Dilemma by Nicola Ward gay contentFirst three chapters of a developing gay vampire novel.
Devising the Vampire - By Katherine Ramsland gay contentNonfiction work about the gay vampire community.  Sexually explicit, s&m content.
On Line by Rick Reed (interview) lesbian contentLesbian cyber vampire story.
Transition by Thomas Nelson gay contentGeneral gay vampire story.
Tremble in the Balance by Nicky Lewis gay contentFull novel (with maps). Includes rape and graphic violence.
Something I can Never Have by Lynda Licina lesbian contentFemale vampire seeks soul-mate: Warning: incestuous relationships
Alternative Vampires by Donna Stewart transgender contentTransgendered story about vampires, sexually explicit.
The First Dark Kiss by Mishka gay content Short vampiric conversion story
I Only Need by Lynda Licina lesbian contentLesbian relationship, slight gore
The Beginning of the End by Mishka gay contentGay vampire story
Bloody Choices by Gabrielle A. Taylor bisexual contentBisexual male, some sex.
Blood to Wine by Mark K. Rule Humorous Victorian account of the finer points of blood drinking.
Additional horror and werewolf stories


Vampire Porn

Angel : Bi Boss by The Fan
bi content transsexual content straight content gay content
Vampire porn slash starring characters from Angel.
Fishing Pier Vampires by Felix Lance Falkon gay contentBodybuilders getting 'eaten alive' by an unusual breed of vampires.Contains cannibalism, S&M
Chapter 1 of To the Grave by Marc Lewallen gay contentincidental murder
From the Grave by Addie gay contentviolence, angst, and death of a character.
My Love's Eternal Teeth by Ron Mendricks gay content
Interlude with the Vampire by (name withheld) gay content
Love Among the Vampires by Terry Boughner gay content heavy s&m, rape.fs
Hungers by Thomas Nelson gay contentRough trade, s&m, forced sex.
Thirsty Tendrils by Felix Lance Falkon gay contentHortisexual gay vampire porn
Muscles & Blood by Felix Lance Falkon gay contentcannibalism, rape, torture
The Gift by Michael Gouda and Stefan Schmidt gay content
Circuit Rider by Felix Lance Falkon gay contentSci-fi porn
Circuit Rider's Lesson by Felix Lance Falkon

gay contentPart II of Circuit Rider. Sci-fi porn. Blood sports, cannibalism, torture

The Master Plan by F. Rommel gay content
Additional gay horror and gay werewolf porn
Have a story you'd like to see here? The story must be about queer vampires to be included, but need not be gay male, nor sexually explicit (these stories were just the easiest to find and get permission for me to use). For the most part, I only require that stories be spell-checked and grammar-checked. However, I am no longer accepting gay male vampire porn. Otherwise, new admissions are always accepted and encouraged. If you have a story you'd like to have added, please e-mail me and I'll add it provided it has non-homophobic queer vampire content.


Again, any suggestions, or additions to the site are welcome.  Please e-mail me.