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Welcome to the Queer Vampyre website.

With all the interest people have in vampires nowadays, I was really upset to learn how little there was on the Internet about queer vampires or the transgender, bisexual, lesbian and gay vampire communities.

It's not a big surprise that vampires would fascinate GLBT folk, even more than they do the general population. Vampires have been essentially 'queer' since Bram Stoker's famous novel. Not that the vampire was necessarily same-sex oriented, but more that he was free to follow his own path. The vampire pursued an unusual lifestyle and had unusual relationships. While the average villiager screamed that the vampire was immoral and evil, he still exuded power and raw sensuality.

Vampires are immoral, but fascinating. Part of an elite group that doesn't follow the usual constraints of society.

Who could ask for a better representation?

Queer folk have also been associated with vampires in many ways by society at large. Homophobes have referred to us as drinkers of life, corruptors of society and of spreading plagues o'er the land. These same people have associated gays and bisexuals with AIDS, a disease which can be spread through the exchange of blood, and which eventually weakens and kills its victims, in much the same way that vampires are seen to eventually drain the vitality and life out of theirs.

Even in books and movies, the lesbian vampire and the gay vampire has existed since the very beginning, to the point of almost being at the center of the genre.

These pages contain a compilation of everything that is both vampire and gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender related.  There are ratings given to books, movies and sites in order to help those without much time find what fans consider to be good material. Please realize that the ratings are based solely on the reviewer's likes and dislikes, and cannot therefore predict how much any given person will enjoy them. However, everyone has the ability to add their rating and words of wisdom to any book or movie on the site. So we encourage people to use the ratings as a guide, but to add their own rating if they disagree with those given.

For those of you who just want to kick back, talk and get to know other queer vampires, the Queer Vampire Forum is a bulletin board system to read and send messages to other lesbian or gay vampires and vampire-lovers. If you like pictures, we've got you covered. As we do for those who like stories. For those of a more literary bent, a number of articles are included. Finally, for those with questions, check out the FAQ.

If you know of anything that is missing from this site, please let me know.  If you have any sites that you feel should be linked with this one, go to my add-a-link page.  These pages are unrated, so please tread with caution!


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Any suggestions or additions to the site are always welcome.  Please e-mail us if you know of something that should be included.