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With dozens and dozens of queer vampire movies to report on, this page was becoming quite long and unwieldy. Because of that, I've tried to group the movies together making them more manageable. A full listing of all queer vampire movies is still available.


Queer vampire movie 'must sees'

Here is a short list of movies that simply must be seen

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Qvamp recommends

I've not seen everything, but I've seen a lot. Here are the ones I strongly recommend.

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Top q.v. porn for men

Male-male vampire movies almost all seem to be porn related. Of those, some are okay, and some ... well, aren't. Here's the best of them.

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Vampires of color...

There are a few movies that deal specifically with non-Caucasian vampires and queers.

To have your movie included:

If you feel that a movie deserves to be included on the site, or in one of these lists, please let me know.

All movie submissions must be confirmed on the basis of queer vampire content before they can be added. The easiest way to do that is to send a copy.


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