Queer VampiresThe First Dark Kiss
by Mishka

He had been in the club for hours, he never knew why he came to these places. He was always terribly bored with the pale shadow of life as lived by his fellow humans. He drained the dregs from his glass and turned around to face the bar and the young barman, with his bulging muscles, skin hugging clothes, blond curls falling casually onto his forehead and his cherry red lips so full of life.

"Yes Sir, What can I get you ?", the barman's' voice rolled gently with a hint of thunder from deep with in his barrel like chest. He glanced furtively at Alexi crutch as he spoke.

"Something different, something very different. Money is no object!", Alexi heard himself saying the words even before his mind had really finished composing the sentence.

The blond barman smiled, the way a wolf would smile at its next meal, glanced to the end of the bar and nodded in agreement at Alexi as though he already had something in mind.

"One Soul Buster", was all he said to Alexi, then turned away to face the array of bottles lining the wall behind him. The bottles spun, glasses clinked, machines wurred and a minute and half later he placed a tall elegant gold chased chalice on the bar in front of Alexi. Alexi didn't even look up, deep in thought he handed the barman his gold (no limit) credit card, raised the large metal cup to his lips with both hands and drained the draught in one long swallow. By the time the last of the contents slipped like liquid velvet down his throat his lungs were beginning to burn for want of air.

There was no bite to the cocktail, but seconds after he slammed the chalice back on the bar and it was whisked away by the barman as he headed to the other end of the bar to serve. He felt like all the blood had rushed to his head, he felt faint, nauseous and terribly unsteady on his feet. He sat down heavily, luckily there was a barstool there to catch the full force of his weight.

Hours later, still a little light headed he stumbled in to the streets now all but empty and deserted. The sun would rise in about another hour and he turned to head up the street to find a cab. He had abused his body again and now he needed sleep to regenerate. He turned and slammed full force in to someone who had been standing directly behind him. The stranger was dressed in long black knee high boots, tight fitting black pants were tucked in to the boots and a high collared black jacket was closed double breasted and buttoned near the shoulder across his torso. Alexi looked up, his mind still fuzzy from all the liquor he had consumed, and it took him a few moments to recognise the barman from the club.

The stranger extended his left hand to help Alexi to his feet, as he bent forward he whispered in to Alexi's ear, "Gaebrial", just that one word. So softly did he speak it that Alexi wasn't sure he had spoken at all. Gabrial's grip was firm and cool. He flexed the muscles of his arm and Alexi sprang to his feet and was propelled in to his arms. Alexi stared in to Gaebrials' eyes and they seemed to swallow him up. Gaebrial moved with a blur and enveloped Alexis' mouth in a long, slow, deep kiss. Alexi pulled away, not wanting to finish but gasping for life. Gaebrial lowered the hand that was on Alexis' right shoulder and let it brush gently across Gaebrials chest, on its downward course it lingered over the growing bulge in Alexis' trousers and then passed on to rest firmly but gently on the right cheek of his ass.

"I've got a place if you want to ...... you know rest?", Gaebrials voice was soft , warm on Alexis' cheek and smelt strongly of something sweet.

All Alexi could do was nod in acknowledgment and rest his head on Gaebrials' shoulder. A cab pulled up in front of an apartment block in up town, the door opened and before Gaebrial could catch him, Alexi tumbled out and sprawled on the pavement. Gaebrial hurriedly paid off the driver, exited the cab and scooping Alexi up in his the arms carried him through the front door of the building. Carrying Alexi under one arm as though he was a rag doll Gaebrial open the door to his apartment. He walked in to the room beyond just far enough to close the door and then darkness enfolded them.

Gaebrial snapped his fingers and gas lamps around the room popped to life bathing the room in a warm glow, the logs in the open fire place sputtered and flames sprang to life amongst them bringing warmth the room. He dumped Alexi unceremoniously on the floor and turned to head to the sideboard with its decanters and glasses.

He saw nothing, he felt even less. There was a rush of movement, hands clasped his skull in a vice like grip and flexed. Gaebrials' vertebrae in his neck were reduced to powder, he gasped once for breath, his lips turned purple and he died. The stranger did not even glance back as Gaebrials' lifeless shell slid to the floor, he had served his purpose. The stranger was already at Alexis' side. Lifting Alexi to his feet, the stranger lunged and sank his teeth in to Alexi's neck. The warm river of blood flowed down his neck and chest soaking the white shirt Alexi wore, he was far to weakened to fight back.

Alexis' eyes widened as he felt his soul draining away.

"Let me die, let me at last be free of this shallow worthless life", these thoughts echoed in Alexis' mind. With out pausing from his drinking the stranger replied with his mind, "Not yet my young friend, not just yet, for many one life time is not long enough."

Alexi awoke in the back ally, his head throbbed fiercely, and he was cold, so cold. He was still unsteady on his feet and he stumbled, catching at the wall with his right hand he steadied himself. The sun was up, he craned his neck and stretched. The muscles on one side of his neck were sore. Maybe he had strained something when he fell, he could not even remember leaving the club. The only thought that jelled was an image of the cute barman all dressed in black. Alexi stepped around the corner, his mouth was so terribly dry, and he had a raging thirst that would need satisfying.

As he was rounding the next corner on to Main Street he felt giddy, his head spun and his stomach heaved. The muscles in his gut contracted, he turned his head to one side and vomited against the wall. Alexi wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and reached for the corner of the building to stop himself falling. He did not notice the faint pinkish tinge to the vomit. As his hand touched the brickwork of the building it felt warm, his fingers curled around the corner as he tightened his grip.

The sun blazed, its rays played gently between his fingers and he snatched his hand back screaming in pain. He looked down at his hand, the fingers were bright red burnt as though they had just been plunged in to molten metal. This was his first lesson in a new life, there would be many others and there were many to teach him. Soon he too would caress the throat of another with his first dark

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