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Included is a list of stories that have been written by queer horror fans. Classic stories have been written long enough ago that there is no current copyright. The rest of have been provided to QueerHorror.com by the authors of the stories. The author's names are listed if they gave permission to do so. For ease in finding stories that may interest you, and to avoid having to read things that may be considered 'offensive', I've included a brief summary of what each story contains. To submit your own storiy, please see the submission guidelines.

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Classic Horror Stories
These horror stories are classic ones that deal with GLBT folk. Many others deal directly with vampires.

Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti gay contentFirst published in Goblin Market and Other Poems in 1862 . The story revolves around two sisters. It is not clear that there is any lesbian content, but the phrasing of the story is such that it is included.
Additional classic vampire stories


General Queer Horror Stories
Enjoy these horror stories dealing with GLBT folk. There are also over 25 more stories in queer vampires and 7 more stories in queer werewolves.

A Night Out of Time by Donovan Lee gay contentA heartwarming gay ghost story
Adam's Place by Barry Wood gay contentTale of a murderous obsession
Sounds I Hear by Shane Keleher gay contentA man protects his boyfriend against the killers of his previous one. Murder.
Additional vampire and werewolf stories


Gay Male Horror Porn

The Hungry Mint-Green Jelly by Felix Lance Falkon gay contentSexually cannibalistic jelly.
Back to the Black Lagoon by SwampRat gay contentFantasy story involving a well-known creature. Sex.
Mirrors by SwampRat gay contentDemon story showing the difference between straights and gays. Sex, rape.
A Nasty Tail of Vehicles by SwampRat gay contentA car thief gets his just deserts. Rape, snuff.
Stalk by Mark K. Rule gay contentGay cannibalistic murder on drugs. Sex.
The Man In Milwaukee by Rick R. Reed gay contentGay hero worship of Jeffrey Dahmer. Some sex.
Loving Spirit By BostonBiGuy gay contentGay male incubus porn
The Fiend By Hooder gay contentDemonic tickle-torture porn, s&m
Gay Doom by SwampRat gay contentFantasies about the video game Doom. Sex, rape and bondage.
Life of a Man-Eater By Chris Collins gay contentGay cannibalistic sex story, rape
Path of Corruption By Steve Berman
gay contentLong gay relationship story. Some sex.
Additional gay vampire and gay werewolf porn

I am accepting submissions of queer horror stories. Stories must have both queer and horror conten to be included, but need not be gay male, nor sexually explicit (these stories were just the easiest to find and get permission for me to use). For the most part, I only require that stories be spell-checked and grammar-checked. If anyone has one that they'd like included on the site, please mail me.

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