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While the ghost is itself often considered a fearful creature it is more frequently potrayed in wistful romance stories then in terrifying horror stories. This is true of ghosts that occur in general literature, but almost seems to be the rule for queer stories.

Ghosts can be a lot of things to a lot of people. For some, they are an echo of the past, a reminder of a person who has passed on or of a tragic event that has taken place. For others, they are what remains after a person's body has died, their spirit or soul unfettered by human flesh. And for others, they are something not of this world, a monster that isn't completely tangible but yet can still cause them harm.

The queer community has its ghosts. The spectres of AIDS, the holocaust and hate crimes against gays still affect most of us today. Many g/l/b/t folk have been horribly murdered, while others have been taken away too soon, with too many issues left unresolved.

Whatever a ghost is, the queer community recognized it in its literature and movies. As with all other parts of QueerHorror.com, most exceptions count. So, while the definition of a ghost is as amorphous as that of queers, I've tried to focus on ghosts, spirits and spectres within this page. Not all of the stories are horror based, but all have spooks and queers within them.

The complete list of queer ghost books and movies is available. If you know of any other books, movies, tv shows or anything else that should be included, please let me know. If you know of a site that deals with gay ghosts, lesbian spirits or anything similar, please add your own link to the list. If you'd like to talk with others of a similar spooky bent, feel free to leave a message on the bulletin boards. Finally, if you'd like a specific question answered, please check out the FAQ.