Queer Ghosts


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do you mean by queer ghost?

A 'queer ghost' is rather hard to define. The term queer is meant to include all those people with non-heterosexual orientations. This includes gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered folk. Ghosts can refer to a number of things such as a spirit or soul left on this planet after a person has died, a formless bodyless intelligent force capable of affecting the world around it, or an echo of a person or event of the past that affects people now. As with other sections of this site, as long as something is close to these definitions, I'll include it in the site.


Who are the people that appear on the front page?

There are 5 images (currently) that appear on the front of queer ghosts. If you know of others that should be included, please let me know.


Are ghosts real?

This is not really possible to answer. No irrefutable scientific proof has even been provided to 'prove' that ghosts are real. However, many people, including those trained in the sciences, have stated that they have had encounters with ghosts.


Are you planning on expanding your site?

Yes. I'm looking into expanding a couple ways. I have recently added this site and a 'Queer Werewolves' site. But, I'm also looking into expanding into other queer horror topics and into non-queer vampire minorities. I'm also hoping to add more interactivity to the site; such as allowing users to find specific items, or even add on to an online queer horror story. If you have additional ideas, please let me know.


Is there anything I can offer for the site?

Boy, I'm hoping more people will ask this. Here are things that you can contribute (see my wish page for more specific information)

  • Help locate books and movies that I haven't yet found (either information or the actual item).
  • Provide pictures of queer ghosts.
  • Encourage others to post messages regularly on the BBS. This is where I get a lot of ideas.
  • Give me any information on any queer ghost events, groups, fanzines, or whatnot that exist.
  • Send stories or articles. The more writers that contribute, the bigger the site will get.