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Since I started this site, the Queer Horror genre has exploded. With literally hundreds books that deal with the subject, there is plenty for everyone. To make browsing easier, here is an overview of what's out there in queer horror books. If this page doesn't provide enough choices for you, take a look at the entire list of horror books.
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Included is a list of recommended readings in queer horror. A complete list is also available.

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Ghosts are a horrific creature, so the stories are included here. However, queer ghost stories are almost invariably romantic and wistful, rather than frightening.

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Society is fascinated byQueer Vampires site, and the list of books available shows it. Here's the best of this genre.

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Queer werewolf books are few, but here is a list of some of the best.

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Know of another book to include?

I'm always looking for additional books to include on the site. If you know of any not listed, let us know. (be sure to check out my complete lists of horror and vampire books before you write to make sure it's not listed)

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