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  • Eyes
  • Author: Felice Picano
  • Publisher: Arbor House Publishing Co.
  • Year: 1975
  • Country: US
  • 215 pages
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A woman lives alone on Manhattan's Upper East Side. She has two ways of meeting people. She has met a number of old women through her freelance editing work, but she also works to meet men that she spies from her apartment window, after learning all about them by watching them for hours through their windows. She then meets them through the relative safety of her telephone.

When her across the street neighbor becomes the center of her attention, he begins to become intrigued by this mysterious woman. And soon is drawn in further than he wishes to be.

Qvamp says:

A minor character is a gay man who has sex with other men within range of the stalkers binoculars. The gay action is fairly intense from a heterosexual 1975 standpoint, but in today's world consists of some fairly chaste actions.

This book is very slow, but does finish better than it started. The stalker is treated better than a lot of stalkers in similar novels.

According to a fan 'The novel was written in 1975 and is based on an incident from Picano's own life, when he was being put under the microscope by a peeping female neighbor, who didn't seem to mind him being gay, but became very threatening when she mistook a female overnight guest for a romantic liaison, and a threat. I am adding a star for the heartfelt scene involving Johanna's defense of a bag lady on the subway.'

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