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Final Cut

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  • Final Cut
  • Author: Max Perry
  • Publisher: Fawcett Gold Meal Books
  • Year: 1980
  • Country: US
  • 222 pages
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A lot of people didn't want a movie villainizing the gay community to be made... especially after one of the film's leading men was viciously murdered. Suddenly everyone in and around the film was under suspicion. And one tough cop didn't like the odds against him when he started looking for a murderer.

Lieutenant Joe Sparks knew nothing about the gay world. But he was learning fast. Soon he was risking his career - and his life - to hunt down the real killer instead of the psycho who was being set up by City Hall.

Corruption and conspiracy ran deep. And murder was just the beginning.

Qvamp says:

The whole premise is about a director making a film about a gay murderer, and the gay community getting up in arms about it. Early on, one of the actors is murdered, and a police detective works to figure it out.

There's a lot of homophobia, and a lot of gay positive stuff. The detective's son comes out, and he learns that his partner has gay relatives. The main instigator of the gay protest is openly gay, and the detective learns to get along well with him and get some help from him. There are 2 other gay men who are a non-stereotypical couple who are protesting the protesters. It goes from talking about the hanky code (of course focusing on the red and yellow ones), but also points out that gays are all different and that thinking of some traits as 'straight' and some as 'gay' is not correct nor productive.

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