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Man Eater

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  • Man Eater
  • Author: Dick Jones
  • Publisher: F. S. Publishing
  • Year: 1971
  • Country: US
  • 187 pages

kinky sex

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A gay undercover agent must seek out and find a mad dog killer, a man who literally 'eats' his victims... in every conceivable, diabolical way. In following the trail towards the 'Man-eater,' he walks a long road that leads him to his own soul.

Qvamp says:

A strange story, as most pulps are, this undercover agent must track down a killer of gays who ties them naked to a bed and then eats parts of their bodies.

Less sex in this than some pulps. The author also goes off on rants about how unbelievable much gay sex fiction is.

The main character has to attract the killer's attention by becoming a gay stereotype and talking about how gays are superior to straights in every way.

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