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Haunting, The (1999)

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  • Haunting, The (1999)
  • AKA:
    Haunting of Hill House, The (1998) (USA) (trailer title)
    Legend of Hill House, The (1998) (USA) (working title)
  • Author: Shirley Jackson and David Self
  • Director: Jan de Bont
  • Producer: Jan de Bont
  • Year: 1999
  • Country: US
  • 125 minutes
  5 point scale
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Effects-heavy, thriller-classic remake about haunted house which unleashes wave of terror on its four unsuspecting inhabitants. Lavish sets and effects may dazzle some but wildly disappoints horror fans, devotees of original.

Qvamp says:

While this movie did contain the general premise of both the book and the original movie, the plot is essentially lost. This movie is fairly awful. The only redeeming quality of this film is that the lesbian element of the story is made much more apparent (as Theodora comes out as an unabashed bisexual woman). Otherwise, the movie really failed. The plot felt as if the writers changed it solely to prove that they had done something to earn their salaries, adding nothing to the original plot and instead watering it down in true Hollywood fashion.

Unless you truly hate your life and are bored on a Sunday afternoon avoid watching this film.

We are looking for a copy of this. If you own one and want to get rid of it, let us know!

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