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Monsters in the Closet : Homosexuality and the Horror Film (Inside Popular Film)

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  • Monsters in the Closet : Homosexuality and the Horror Film (Inside Popular Film)
  • Author: Harry M. Benshoff
  • Publisher: Manchester University Press
  • Year: 1997
  • Country: UK
  • 328 pages
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They are half-human horrors, strange and scary aliens, the seemingly-normal-but-deadly danger that lurks around the corner: Hollywood monsters, or homosexuals? Horror fiction has always portrayed society's greatest fears as monstrous incarnations of 'the other,' so it should be no surprise that there has always been a clear homoerotic subtext in horror films--from Frankenstein to Interview with the Vampire.

This book details how Hollywood monsters have not only been a reflection of homosexuals, but that changes in the horror film have actually mirrored changes in attitudes toward homosexuality in our society. Discussing hundreds of classic (and not so classic) movies, Benshoff provides new insight into horror and science fiction films and into how popular culture presents ideas about homosexuality to a broad audience.


Qvamp says:

A good summary of how homosexuality and horror films are interconnected. This book deals strongly with gay sensibility in popular film, rather than explicit declaration of queer folk.

Intriguing and informative, this book is more for those that want to think about the societal impact of queers identity in horror movies rather than those looking for a story.

Rating A
Queer Vampire Rating A
Amount of Gay Content same-sex relationship


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Overall Rating: A     Queer horror Rating: A+    

A wonderful psychological and analytical exploration of homosexuality within the horror genre; competent and complete. Wonderful not only for horror fans, but should also be a tool for film studies at a university level.


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