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  • Wicked
  • Author: Doug Jeffries
  • Director: Chi Chi LaRue
  • Producer: Hue Wilde
  • Year: 2005
  • Country: US
  • 120 minutes
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After a porn star has his scene stolen by another man, he storms off the stage and out of the movie.

He has another tantrum and trashes his dressing room. Just then 'The Ghost of Porn Past' appears and warns Brandon to change his ways. Brandon doesn't listen and proclaims that everyone loves him just the way he is. Kurt decides to show Brandon a vision of two men he worked with on a past porn set discussing how much they despised working with Brandon. 'Those assholes' says Brandon, and again the ghost warns Brandon to change his ways.

Not listening to a word he says, Brandon is suddenly visited by 'The Ghost of Porn Present.' 'You need to learn that the most important thing in this industry is not to be a conceited and demanding porn star. You need to make sure that everyone gets along and the job gets done. You need to be a team player and stop acting like such an asshole.'

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