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To the Grave

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  • To the Grave
  • Author: Marc Lewallen
  • Publisher: iUniverse, Inc.
  • Year: 2004
  • Country: US
  • 188 pages

drugs, attempted rape

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Jacob Chamberlain's life is just the way he wants it: he plays drums in a successful rock band, goes out partying every weekend and never has trouble picking up a one night stand. It is only when his sweet and slightly naive roommate Ben starts dating a sexy stranger new to Chicago that Jacob's life begins to get complicated.

A powerful evil is stalking his friends... a sinister and brutal force that leaves its decapitated victims drained of blood. As his world begins to break apart, the people Jacob thought he could count on are no longer there for him, disappearing one by one.

Ben is moonstruck in love, unaware of the fact that his new romance seems too good to be true. With each reason Jacob discovers for not liking Ben's boyfriend, the closer he comes to revealing the deadly truth about him. Jacob must now find a way to put an end to the grisly murders in time to keep Ben from falling prey to a ruthless, centuries-old vampire.

Qvamp says:

This story has the vampire discovering that he's gay after he becomes a vampire, rather than before. Standard vampire fare rewritten for gays. Though short, it is an enjoyable read.

This book was developed from a short story previously published on QueerHorror.com.

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