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BloodKiss: To Choose

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This is a tale of awakenings, an enthralling love story with a vampiric twist which entangles you within a web of greed, lust, and insatiable hunger, of desperation, seduction, hatred and forgiveness. Here, a mortal man finds his fate entwined within the undead lives of three vampires, each one longing to be loved and yearning for security, each wanting him to satisfy their own personal agendas.

Qvamp says:

An enjoyable story. Though the main relationship in the story is a heterosexual one, a secondary relationship between two vampires is gay. There is even a wonderful fag-basher bashing scene that is a joy to read.

The characters are well written and have interesting dynamics between them. The plot will keep you guessing. I'd recommend this book to anyone who is looking for an unusual vampire romance novel to read.

Rating A
Queer Vampire Rating A
Amount of Gay Content same-sex relationship


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