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Blood Kiss

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  • Blood Kiss
  • Author: Cecilia Tan
  • Publisher: Circlet Press
  • Year: 1994
  • Country: US
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The seven erotic vampire stories in this book include gay, lesbian, S/M, and transgendered themed stories. Renee Charles' 'Cinnamon Rose' is a sardonic first-person tale of a 20th century vampire/hair stylist. In 'Wanting,' Amelia G writes about a Goth/Glam lesbian vampire and her willing victim. Gary Bowen's 'The Brass Ring' is about a man whose lover turns him into a woman.

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From the publisher 10/12/1994

Cherished Blood is the third of Circlet Press' top-selling erotic vampire anthologies. Distinguished from the popular works of Anne Rice and other vampire authors, whose vampires suck blood instead of having sex, Cherished Blood features vamps whose physical needs go beyond a nightly drink. Some vampires are gay, lesbian, kinky, bisexual, can morph their gender, others are outre merely by the fact of their being immortal, magical, blood-drinkers. The vampire short stories of the Circlet Press series are also unique in that no story centers around a murder, resulting in vampire tales which defy formula and expectations, in which the darkly sensuous creatures live, love, fight, plot, work, and play, not just kill. Rather than portray the vampire as a source of terror and evil, we have co-opted the vampire into a powerfully erotic totem, symbolic of 'alternative' sexuality and the struggle for love and freedom in a sunless world. Cherished Blood will appeal to mainstream vampire fans, gay and lesbian readers, erotica readers, and anyone who enjoys high quality, sexually subversive literature.


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