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Erotica Vampirica: Sensual Vampire Stories

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  • Erotica Vampirica: Sensual Vampire Stories
  • Author: Cecilia Tan
  • Publisher: Circlet Press
  • Year: 1996
  • Country: USA
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Tales of vampire mythos where sex and sexuality are no longer sublimated or hidden. These vampires are more than just allure and smoke; they burn with lust and the physical need to sate their hunger.

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By: draygonewolf ( draygonewolf77@aol.com )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer vampire Rating: B+    

This is one freaking hot book! When I was able to put it down (after my partner LET ME THAT IS) I was really amazed. OK, some of the lesbian stories are for hetero men, but there are some that are really fabulous (for us by us) ones! :)

As a horror fan it is also pretty creepy. It made me recall gothic horror novels and movies of old, and some of the stories in this book could still bring back those memories. On the other hand it contains stories for those who are new to genre and the 'Goth' set; children who dress up and play act. Oh, but don't let me digress, read the book... it is a good read 'on a dark and stormy night' :)


Queer Vampires


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