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Hired to exhume two-hundred-year-old graves in the wake of a land dispute, Anita Blake becomes involved in local murders involving three dead teenagers and a bloodless corpse that makes her suspect that an evil force is preying upon the town.

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Book 5 of the 'Anita Blake Vampire Hunter' series. Amount of queer content unconfirmed

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By: SecondSabre ( yuuske007@hotmail.com )
Overall Rating: A     Queer vampire Rating: C+    

Great book and part of a great series. The Anita Blake books start off as a basic vampire-killer series, and then continue to expand the boundaries of eroticism and horror as they progress.

Not a lot of homoerotic stuff in any of them. Almost all the vampires are bi-sexual, or so it seems, and the vampire protagonist, Jean Claude, has his eye on Anita's boyfriend as well. There are a few relationships that are definitely front and center, but they're not the focus.


By: coren grey ( corengrey@aol.com )
Overall Rating: A+     Queer vampire Rating: F    

All of Laurell K. Hamilton's books are very good, but you don't find out that the two male vampires, Jean Claude and Asher, are as much into each other as they are into Anita until the last book, CERULEAN SINS. I highly recommend all of Hamilton's books.

The next Anita Blake book, INCUBUS DREAMS should be out in Oct. 2004. Her books are mostly hetro but the stories are great, and they are getting more gay as they go along. Bloody Bones has no gay parts, but it is a good story about a group of vampires and an out of control faerie!!


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