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Introducing Anita Blake, vampire hunter extraordinaire. Most people don't even bat an eye at vampires since they've been given equal rights by the Supreme Court. But Anita knows better--she's seen their victims. . . . A serial killer is murdering vampires, however, and now the most powerful vampire in town wants Anita to find the killer.

Qvamp says:

Book 1 of the 'Anita Blake Vampire Hunter' series. This book had no discernable queer content. It had a strong aggressive woman who appeared to be hetero, but that's it.

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By: Kingy ( kda873@aol.com )
Overall Rating: B+     Queer vampire Rating: B    

Mmm...what can I say about this book? I can actually say a lot of things.

Werelions, Weretigers, Wererats (oh my! lol). Yup, even the rats are in this story, all throughout the books actually. They are very sexy if i do say so myself.

Anita Blake isn't the one that we think of when we thought of a reanimator, but she makes things adventurous and such (I almost said suck, which also happens in this novel). I guess this one is different than the others that I have read (most part because it is mostly action and not so much romance is I admired in the later books, but I guess it's ok because this is very good still). In this adventure Anita Blake 'Vampire Hunter' goes to a sexy club called Guilty Pleasures and gets into both action and romance as she meets her counterparts and more that you will see the next books. But I think I've said too much already...go read the book! I think that you will enjoy it!


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