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V Is For Vampire: The A -Z Guide To Everything Undead

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  • V Is For Vampire: The A -Z Guide To Everything Undead
  • Author: David J. Skal
  • Publisher: Plume NAL/Dutton
  • Year: 1996
  • Country: US
  • 284 pages
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This informative and entertaining pop-culture reference guide covers all aspects of vampirism--from the infamous lore about garlic, mirrors, and wooden stakes to fascinating descriptions of little-known books and films on the subject. Skal's look at the dark creature will recapture the imagination of millions and covers hundreds of topics related to vampires.

Qvamp says:

A recurrent thread in the book is the popularity of the sexually ambiguous vampire in the gay and lesbian communities. This non-fiction book includes sections on homosexuality, lesbianism and AIDS.

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