Queer Horror


As time permits, this area will contain interviews by writers, directors, producers, and influential fans of queer horror.

William J. Lambert III Writer of a number of the earliest queer horror pulp novels.
Kevin Glover Writer, producer and star of Love Bites, probably the most well-known gay vampire movie today.
Pam Keesey The most well-known lesbian vampire authoress. Pam has written two lesbian vampire and one female werewolf anthologies. She has also written a book on Vamps.
Rick Reed A graphic horror novelist. Rick has written a number of novels and short stories containing primary and secondary gay and lesbian character, including a number of lesbian vampires.
David DeCoteau A director of many movies with strong homoerotic or gay themes. In the horror genre his films include The Brotherhood, The Brotherhood 2: Young Warlocks, and Voodoo Academy.



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