Queer Demons

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When you think of demons, what do you think of?  Twisted creatures from hell complete with scales, horns and a pitchfork?  Embodiments of evil that cannot be trusted and seek to control your soul? Maybe you even buy into the more modern definition describing them as denizens of another dimension, neither good nor evil, just different. Doesn't their defnition depend upon who is telling the story?
Some religious zealots even consider queer folk to be demonic in their own right - followers of Satan, denizens of hell, destroying the moral fabric of society. Then again, these people aren't happy unless they can oppress someone, feeling better about themselves by vilifying a less powerful group. Evil, they state, is something absolute, designed by a higher power. And demons are those that embrace this evil. But what they call evil has never been constant, nor is it absolute. As for queers, we just want to live our own lives, and be treated as equals, not beasts.

How evil is that?
This section of QueerHorror deals with demons.  Whether they be followers of Lucifer, or cute little snakey creatures from a parallel universe, they're here, they're queer, and they're ready to stand up and be counted.  Sometimes evil, sometimes misunderstood, always a part of our culture.  Here there be demons.
This portion of QueerHorror is extremely small.  A complete, albeit very short, list of books and movies with queer demon content is provided.  But, more is always desired.  If you know of any other books, movies, tv shows or anything else that should be included, please let me know.

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