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For those of you who aren't aware, Lambda Sci-Fi is the name of the organization of g/l/b/t folk who have a strong interest in science fiction, fantasy and/or horror. There are chapters throughout the country that hold meetings where books, movies and others assorted sf/f/h things are discussed. They also provide a list of recommended books each year.

- Qvamp


Lambda recommended books on queer horror

  • Barker, Clive: Sacrament - Gay horror
  • Berman, Steve : Trysts - Gay horror
  • Bowen, Gary: Winter of the Soul. - Gay vampire book
  • Brite, Poppy Z : Lost Souls - Gay vampire
  • Brownworth, Victoria A. (ed.): Night Bites. - Vampire stories by women (some lesbian)
  • Connolly, John : Every Dead Thing - Gay dark thriller/ghosts
  • Cooke, John Peyton: Out for Blood. - Gay vampire story
  • Cooke, John Peyton: Torsos - Gay dark thriller
  • Douglas, Lauren Wright: In The Blood
  • Edelman, Scott: The Gift - Gay vampire
  • Edmonson, Roger: Silverwolf. - Gay werewolf
  • Garber, Eric (ed.): Embracing the Dark. - g/l short horror stories
  • Garber, Eric; and Paleo, Lyn (ed.): Uranian Worlds: A Guide to Alternative Sexuality in Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror
  • Gomez, Jewelle: The Gilda Stories - Lesbian vampire
  • Griffith, Nicola and Pagel, Stephen: Bending the Landscape: Horror - GLBT horror
  • Huff, Tanya: Blood Price. Blood Trail. Blood Lines. Blood Pact. Blood Debt - 5 vampire stories (minor queer element)
  • Jones, M. : Silk and Feather - gay ghost
  • Joyce, Graham : The Tooth Fairy - gay dark fantasy
  • Keesey, Pam (ed.): Daughters of Darkness: Lesbian Vampire Stories - Lesbian vampire
  • Keesey, Pam (ed.): Dark Angels - Lesbian vampire
  • Keesey, Pam (ed.): Women Who Run With The Werewolves - Lesbian werewolves
  • Laws, Jay B.: Steam - Gay horror
  • Koja, Kathe: Skin - Lesbian obsession
  • Koja, Kathe: Strange Angels - Gay obsession
  • McMahan, Jeffrey N. : Vampires Anonymous - gay vampire
  • Weathers, Brenda : The House at Pelham Falls - lesbian ghost


Lambda award winners by year in science fiction, fantasy and horror.


2003 Science Fiction/Fantasy

Elf Child, by David M. Pierce (Southern Tier Editions)
The Red Line of Yarmald, by Diana Rivers (Bella Books)
The Substance of God, by Perry Brass (Belhue Press)
Vampire Thrall, by Michael Schiefelbein (Alyson Publications) horror!

Masters of Midnight, by Michael Thomas Ford, William J. Mann, Sean Wolfe, Jeff Mann horror!

WINNER: Necrologue, Helen Sandler, ed. (Diva Books) horror!

2002 Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror

Bend Sinister—The Gay Times Book of Disturbing Stories. Peter Burton horror!
Queer Fear II, Michael Rowe horror!
Daughters of an Amber Noon. Katherine V. Forrest
Seeds of Fire. Karin Kallmaker writing as Laura Adams
The Devil Inside. Randy Boyd
Wired Hard 3. Cecilia Tan, ed.

WINNER: Queer Fear II ed. Michael Rowe horror!

2001 Gay & Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Bending the Landscape: Horror. ed. Nicola Griffith and Stephen Pagel. Overlook. horror!
Gumshoe Gorilla. Keith Hartman. Meisha Merlin.
Bound in Blood. David Thomas Lord. Kensington. horror!
Vampire Vow. Michael Schiefelbein. Alyson. horror!
Point of Dreams. Melissa Scott and Lisa Barnett. Tor.

WINNER: Point of Dreams

2000 Gay & Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Angel Lust. Perry Brass. Belhue.
Jumping Off the Planet. David Gerrold. Tor.
Kirith Kirin. Jim Grimsley. Meisha Merlin.
Merrick. Anne Rice. Knopf. horror!
Queer Fear. Michael Rowe, Ed.. Arsenal Pulp.horror!

WINNER: Kirith Kirin

1999 Gay & Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Annunciate. Severna Park. Avon/EOS
The Gumshoe, The Witch and the Virtual Corpse. Keith Hartman. Meisha Merlin.
Minions of the Moon. Richard Bowes. Tor.
Night Shade. Victoria Brownworth & Juidth Redding, Ed.. Seal.horror!
Through a Brazen Mirror. Delia Sherman. Circlet/Ultra Violet.

WINNER: Minions of the Moon

1998 Gay & Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Bending the Landscape : Science Fiction. Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel (ed.). White Wolf.
Desmond. Ulysses Dietz. Alyson. horror!
Falling to Earth. Elizabeth Brownrigg. Firebrand
Galilee. Clive Barker. HarperCollins. horror!
Things Invisible to See. editor, Lawrence Schimel. Circlet/Ultra Violet.

WINNER(tie): Bending the Landscape: Science Fiction
WINNER (tie): Galilee

1997 Gay & Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Bending the Landscape : Fantasy. Nicola Griffith & Stephen Pagel (ed.). White Wolf.
Grave Passions. William Mann. Masquerade. Grave Passions: Gay Ghost Stories, William Mann, editor
Harvest. Perry Brass. Belhue.horror!
Monsters in the Closet. Harry M. Benshoff. Manchester University. (non-fiction) horror!
The Drag Queen of Elfland. Lawrence Schimel. Circlet Press. (includes a vampire story)

WINNER: Bending the Landscape : Fantasy

1996 Gay & Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

  • Godmother Night. Rachel Pollack. St. Martin's.
    Sacrament. Clive Barker. Harper-Collins. horror!
    Sons of Darkness. Michael Rowe & Thomas Roche (ed.). Cleis Press. horror!
    Swords of the Rainbow. Eric Garber & Jewelle Gomez (ed.). Alyson.
    Women Who Run With Werewolves. Pam Keesey (ed.). Cleis Press. horror!

WINNER: Sacrament horror!

1995 Gay & Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Atlantis: Three Tales. Samuel Delany. Wesleyan University Press.
Dark Angels. Pam Keesey, editor. Cleis Press. horror!
Dryland's End. Felice Picano. Richard Kasak.
Shadow Man. Melissa Scott. TOR Books.
Slow River. Nicola Griffith. Del Rey.

WINNER (tie): Shadow Man
WINNER (tie): Slow River

1994 Gay & Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Furies. Suzy McKee Charnas. TOR Books.
Metal Angel. Nancy Springer. ROC Fantasy.
Storm Warning. Mercedes Lackey. DAW Books.
Trouble And Her Friends. Melissa Scott. TOR Books.
Warriors Of Isis. Jean Stewart. Rising Tide.

WINNER: Trouble And Her Friends

1993 Gay & Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Burning Bright. Melissa Scott. TOR Books.
Drawing Blood. Poppy Brite. Delacorte Press. horror!
The Fifth Sacred Thing. Starhawk. Bantam.
In The Garden Of Dead Cars. Sybil Claiborne. Cleis Press.
The Unfinished. Jay Laws. Alyson Publications. horror!

WINNER: The Fifth Sacred Thing

1992 Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Ammonite. Nicola Griffith. Del Rey.
Dreamships. Melissa Scott. TOR Books.
Return To Isis. Jean Stewart. Rising Tide.
Running Fiercely Towards A High Thin Sound. Judith Katz. Firebrand.
Speaking Dreams. Severna Park. Firebrand.

WINNER: Ammonite

1992 Gay Men's Science Fiction & Fantasy

China Mountain Zhang. Maureen F. McHugh. TOR Books.
Crygender. Thomas T. Thomas. Baen Books.
The Living One. Lewis Gannett. Random House. horror!
Lost Souls. Poppy Z. Brite. Abyss/Delacorte. horror!
Tale Of The Body Thief. Anne Rice. Knopf. horror!

WINNER: China Mountain Zhang

1991 Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Gilda Stories. Jewelle Gomez. Firebrand Books. horror!
Mega. B.L. Holmes. Mother Courage.
Shadows Of Aggar. Chris Anne Wolfe. New Victoria Publishers.
Stranded. Camarin Grae. Naiad Press.
Zeta Base. Judith Alguire. Naiad Press.

WINNER: The Gilda Storieshorror!

1991 Gay Men's Science Fiction & Fantasy

The Dark Beyond The Stars. Frank M. Robinson. TOR Books.
Embracing The Dark. Eric Garber, editor. Alyson Publications. horror!
Mirage. Perry Brass. Belhue Press.
Steam. Jay B. Laws. Alyson Publications. horror!
Vampires Anonymous. Jeffrey N. McMahan, editor. Alyson Publications. horror!

WINNER: The Dark Beyond The Stars

1990 Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Doc And Fluff. Pat Califia. Alyson Publications.
Gossamer Axe. Gael Baudino. ROC.
Mighty Good Road. Melissa Scott. Baen Books.
Priorities. Lynda Lyons. Naiad Press.
Slick. Camarin Grae. Naiad Press.

WINNER: Gossamer Axe

1990 Gay Men's Science Fiction & Fantasy

Alternate Casts. Marsh Cassady. Banned Books.
Enchantments Of Flesh And Spirit. Storm Constantine. TOR Books.
The Gift. Scott Edelman. Space and Time. horror!
Magic's Price. Mercedes Lackey. DAW Books.
Secret Matter. Toby Johnson. Lavender Press.

WINNER (tie): Magic's Price
WINNER (tie): Secret Matter

1989 Lesbian Science Fiction & Fantasy

Clicking Stones. Nancy Tyler Glenn. Naiad Press.
In The Blood. Lauren Wright Douglas. Naiad Press. horror!
Memories And Visions. Susanna Sturgis, editor. Crossing Press.
Sue Slate: Private Eye. Lee Lynch. Naiad Press.
What Did Miss Darrington See. Jessica A. Salmonson, editor. Feminist Press.

WINNER: What Did Miss Darrington See

1989 Gay Men's Science Fiction & Fantasy

Gentle Warriors. Geoff Mains. Knights Press.
Key West, 2720 AD. William K. Eakins. Knights Press.
Magic's Pawn. Mercedes Lackey. Daw Books.
Somewhere In The Night. Jeffrey N. McMahan. Alyson Publications. horror!
Walking Waters/After All This. Thom Nickels. Banned Books.

WINNER: Somewhere In The Night horror!

1988 Lesbian Mystery/Science Fiction

The Crystal Curtain. Sandy Bayer. Alyson Publications.
Heavy Gilt. Dolores Klaich. Naiad Press.
Lessons In Murder. Claire McNab. Naiad Press.
Mundane's World. Judy Grahn. Crossing Press.
Skiptrace. Antoinette Azolakov. Banned Books.

WINNER: Skiptrace

1988 Gay Men's Mystery/Science Fiction

Death Takes The Stage. Donald Ward. St. Martin's Press.
Goldenboy. Michael Nava. Alyson Publications.
Obedience. Joseph Hansen. Mysterious Press.
Unicorn Mountain. Michael Bishop. William Morrow.
Who's Next. George Baxt. International Polygonics.

WINNER: Goldenboy

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